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The stories are listed below in alphabetical order:

Spooked (1/2) and (2/2) - Suzanne Bickerstaffe and "Melody"

Rating: R
Category: SA
Keywords: ScullyAngst/MulderTorture
Spoilers: Up to Memento Mori
Summary: A clerk-typist tells the story of her experiences with Mulder and Scully, on loan to the VCU to investigate a serial murder case involving witchcraft and past horrors.

The Witch And The Muggle - PhileyX

Rating: PG
Category: H
Keywords: MS UST
Summary: Mulder and Scully magically find themselves in Hogwarts and meet all the lovely characters that have held the world spellbound. But why and how did they get there? And how do they get back to their own world?