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The Haunted House Archive

Welcome to The Haunted House Archive of X Files fanfiction.

I do ask authors' permission to archive their stories here but if you find any stories that I've archived, which you don't want, and they belong to you, e-mail me to let me know and I'll take them down. If this is the case, it's because I couldn't find your recent email address. Authors are welcome to e-mail me any other requests such as providing a link to their site, posting revised versions etc. Submissions are also welcome! Your own work or others :) Also, let me know if there are any broken links! I take no responsibilty for under-age people reading NC-17 stories.

Choose your House.... and have fun :)

~The Halloween House~

Halloween Themed
13 stories

Halloween A-M
29 stories

Halloween N-Z
15 stories

~The Haunted House~

Haunted Houses
9 stories

Hauntings Elsewhere
3 stories

Suspected Hauntings
3 stories

Ghosts & Spirits
14 stories

4 stories

3 series; 6 stories

~The Supernatural House~

13 stories

2 stories

9 stories

3 stories

1 stories

Total number of stories archived = 123 <<=== It's growing! :)

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Disclaimer: The X Files belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions. No copyright infringement intended and no money is being made out of this. The stories themselves belong to the indivdiual author. If authors find their stories archived here and I haven't asked for permission, it's because I couldn't find a recent e-mail address.