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The stories are listed below in alphabetical order:

Elevator Music - Char Chaffin

Rating: PG-13
Category: Humor
Keywords: MSR
Summary: A haunted elevator? Maybe... maybe not.

Karmic Ways - Deslea R. Judd

Rating: PG-13 for language
Spoilers: Requiem
Category: Humour, Krycek/Marita, Mulder/Fowley Summary: Krycek, Marita, Mulder and Diana decide to reward the writer who gave them so much nookie. Chaos ensues.

Sweet Dreams Mulder - Anna Chait

Rating: PG
Category: VRH
Summary: Mulder intentionally loses a bet with Scully? What does he lose? He attends a costume ball at a haunted mansion. Mulder as Gomez Addams? It could happen.

The Haunting of the Hoover Building - Halrloprillalar

Rating: PG-13
Category: SH
Spoilers: The Red and the Black
Summary: Mulder seeks proof that their office is haunted. Scully doesn't believe him.